Be good, at everything

There’s a good reason the idea of an ‘ethical stock library’ might sound new or unfamiliar to you. It is new! Good Looks is the first multimedia image bank to consider the environmental and social impact of its collection.

    •    Good Looks works with people at the heart of our world’s most challenging issues. Our contributors are ecologists, social workers, campaigners, conservationists, artists and community leaders.
    •    We provide accurate and meaningful information about the context and the content of our resources, including who is behind the lens and why, for more transparent, empowered storytelling.
    •    Our magnificent contributors are paid handsomely, so they can continue to create the images that foster change.
    •    Our Terms & Conditions mean our images can only be used by enterprises in the business of doing good – this includes responsible corporate and commercial clientele.
    •    We aim to be competitively priced, transparent and wholly dedicated to the pursuit of amazingness.

Good Looks is currently in business development stage, and will launch officially in early 2016.

If you want to contribute to the collection please share your details and a link to your work

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